Double Your Racing Sponsorship

Double Your Racing Sponsorship

By Don Terrill (c) RacingSecrets.com

If you do any one of the following three things you're guaranteed to have more team funding.

I'm going to list them in the order of hardest to easiest.

(1) Double the number of prospects you meet

When my dad would talk about meeting women he always said it was nothing but a numbers game -- meet more women, find better women. Probably the best advice he ever gave me. I used it and met my wife Beverly -- the nicest person I've ever known. I've heard more than once how I got lucky.

It wasn't luck.

So, take the luck out of your sponsorship search and meet more prospects. No matter how good you are, you haven't met them all.

(2) Double the number of prospects you close

Easier than doubling the number of prospects you meet is just doubling the number of prospects you close. Work first on creating a better offer with a focus on the sponsor's return on investment, then polish your sales/presentation skills to create a killer combination.

(3) Double what your current sponsors give each year

If you know anything about sales you know that the easiest (most affordable to acquire) sales come from past customers. Work on improving revenue for your current sponsor's business and you'll give yourself a basis to ask for a larger sponsorship deal.

Any of the three will help you with team funding, but you're a racer, I know you, you'll want to do all three.