Sponsors - A Means to an End

photo by AcePixure

Sponsors - A Means to an End

By Don Terrill (c) - www.RacingSecrets.com

Do you really want sponsors?

No, you want the money they supply.

So, how do we get the money without sponsors?
  • Earn more from your day job - Ask for a raise, apply for a new position or look for a whole new job.
  • Take a second job - Most racers have a wide range of marketable skills and should have no trouble finding some side work.
  • Start a business - As a serial entrepreneur, this is always my first piece of advice to teams looking for funding.
In the end, why even mess with sponsors if you can earn the money through efforts with much more consistent results.

Now let me ask, do you really even want the money?

No, you want what it can buy.

So, how do we get needed items without money?
  • First, ask if you really need it - Trim your operation as much as possible. Think of how you can simplify every aspect of your team and you'll find plenty of answers.
  • Barter - Now you're left with the true essentials. Find who can supply them and ask to do some trading.
In the end, racers just want to race for free. Stop thinking that sponsors are the only way to get there.