Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.4

Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.4
By Don Terrill (c) -

(1) Prove it
Telling someone you can help their business is one thing, but being able to prove it is another - The latter infinitely more powerful at persuading potential sponsors. Ask your current sponsors for testimonials and then build a "proof portfolio" by tracking and documenting all of your marketing efforts going forward - hopefully successful efforts.

(2) Overreact
A normal reaction to being short on sponsors is to say, "I'll just try harder." - Unfortunately, This will only get you more of the same. An overreaction would be to revamp your entire team funding system - from how you find prospective sponsors, to how you pitch them, to how you eventually close them. Use this method whenever you're faced with a problem in any area of your life - Ask, "How can I overreact?"

(3) Don't be a Victim
Don't blame the economy, politicians or your lack of free time - If you don't have enough team funding or anything else in your life, it's no one else's fault but your own. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it? How about first taking responsibility for the problem? From that position you'll realize you have the power to fix it.

(4) Make your own Luck
"Luck" can be as simple as convincing someone with the power to "open a door" for you, to do so. Find those people who have the power to help in your sponsorship efforts (e.g. someone who can introduce you to business owners) and then prove that their efforts to help won't be wasted - in other words you won't blow the "luck" they give you.

(5) Play Offense
An example of playing defense would be BEGGING your current sponsors to sign up for another year. Playing offense would be STATING that you have so many sponsors, "you may have to let some go." Playing defense would be ASKING for a renewal of last year's deal. Playing offense would be REQUIRING 20% more.

photo by i_harrier