Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.3

Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.3

By Don Terrill (c) -

(1) Ask for Help
You'll be surprised how often you get what you want when you ask for it - Ask racers, who are successful at getting sponsors, how they do it? Then ask them if they'll help you. What's the worst that can happen, they say no?

(2) Think Big
You don't have to stop chasing the $1,000 a year sponsors, but why not put some effort into finding that big sponsor, the one that would make other racers jealous and take your race team to the next level?

(3) Put the Sponsor First
If you can do this, truly put the needs and desires of the sponsor before your own, you'll never have trouble finding or keeping them. The key is to be genuine - faking it will never work.

(4) Clean your desk
Hopefully you have a dedicated desk for your sponsorship efforts and hopefully it's clean. If not, clear off and clean up the top of your desk - you'll be surprised how much more focused and energized you'll feel.

(5) Dedicate time
Set aside time every week for finding new sponsors and keeping the ones you have happy. Use a software calendar to remind you - there are free ones all over the web - like

photo by Hankthatank