Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.2

Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.2
By Don Terrill (c) -

(1) Stand up
When talking to a prospective sponsor on the phone, stand up - motion creates emotion. If you don't sound excited about what you're proposing, then you can't expect the prospect to be excited by it either.

(2) Visit your current sponsors, today!
Before spending even a second looking for new sponsors, make sure your current ones are on board for next season. You will not find an easier sale than to a company that already "buys" from you.

(3) Increase your perceived value
For your prospect, perception is reality. Testimonials from current sponsors and having a good reputation are obvious ways to increase your perceived value. Not so obvious are raising your prices and turning down sponsorship.

(4) Take ACTION!
Forget perfection, forget waiting until you're more prepared, do it now. I truly believe this is what separates winners from losers in all areas of life.

(5) Stay in front of your prospects
This best way to do this is with a newsletter, not just a team newsletter, but a newsletter that includes real tips for prospects - Tips on how they can take advantage of motorsports sponsorship or just general tips for improving their business.

photo by the canadian geek