Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.1

Racing Sponsorship - Quick Tips Vol.1
By Don Terrill (c) - www.RacingSecrets.com

(1) Lay some groundwork - Become a friend to prospective sponsors before you pitch them. Create a plan to improve their business before you pitch them. Give something of value (product, service, advice, etc) before you pitch them.

(2) Leverage your assets - If you're a business owner, how can your business help the prospect's business? If you're an employee, how can you leverage the contacts you've made at and via work?

(3) Study to become a marketing expert - 100% of businesses will greet you with open arms if you can make them more money... and the quickest way to more money is with better marketing... and 100% of businesses need better marketing.

(4) Play the numbers - x amount of companies will sponsor race teams, x amount of companies are not currently sponsoring a team, x amount of companies are not happy with the current team they sponsor and x amount of companies will say yes to your pitch. You can't do anything about most of these stats, but you can, with complete certainly, increase your success by contacting more companies.

(5) Role-Play - Sales managers in the corporate world are well aware of the benefits of role-play training for their sales force. Ask someone to play the role of the business owner and practice your pitch. I guarantee you'll feel more confident and close more deals.

photo by pianoforte