Leverage Your Assets - For Sponsorship

Leverage Your Assets
By Don Terrill (c)2006

From High School Physics we learn: Torque = Force x Lever Arm.

If we sub...
  • Sponsorship for Torque
  • Assets for Force
  • and Brains for Lever Arm
We get: Sponsorship = Assets x Brains

From this formula we can see that anytime we increase our assets or brains, we increase sponsorship.

Your Assets:

The Obvious Ones:
  • Your Car
  • Your Labor
The Not So Obvious Ones:
  • Your Business
  • Your Education
  • Your Connections
  • Your Sales Ability
Leveraging Your Assets: (Using your brains)
  • Your Car - Can you advertise your sponsor's business on the car? Can you display the car at the business to attract attention?
  • Your Labor - Is there something the business owner needs done that you can do?
  • Your Business - How can you work your sponsor's business into your marketing efforts?
  • Your Education - What advice can you give to your sponsor that could help his business?
  • Your Connections - Do you know a large group of people? Do you know important people who can help your sponsor's business?
  • Your Sales Ability - Can you directly, or do you know a better way to, sell your sponsor's products and services?
My Assets and how I would leverage them:
Notice I didn't even list my car. If you want to get sponsored in this day and age, you're going to have to use your brain and think a lot more creatively than just stickers on a car.