You Must Care

You Must Care
By Don Terrill (c)2005

Get this through your head, if you don't care about your sponsor's business, don't expect them to care about your race car.

Want to increase your chances of obtaining sponsorship overnight? Start caring about the potential sponsor's business today - I don't mean acting like you care, I mean caring to the point of taking action to help their business.

How to Show You really Care:

Promote - Every single business is missing marketing opportunities. Your job is to identify the gaps in their marketing program, create a plan and then take action on that plan. Don't know what to do? Start your marketing education today - go to the library and checkout 5-10 books on the subject. Become a student of marketing.

Add Revenue - No idea will be better received than finding additional revenue sources for a business. This could include coming up with a new product or service, to finding ways for them to milk their current assets. For example, do they have equipment that sits idle most of the time? How about renting that equipment to others?

Cut Costs - Not as glamorous as creating new revenue, but just as effective to the bottom line. Ideas would include finding more affordable sources for products, materials or services. For example, you could find them a better deal on phone service - surprisingly easy.

Think Big! - Ask to become a partner in their business. If you see they're ignoring a segment of their market, offer to build a subsidiary that targets that market.

The bottom line: Every business has some room for improvement. Your job is to find the opening and take action.

By the way, here's an article I wrote on what it would take for ME to sponsor a car.

Seem like too much work for sponsorship? Maybe you should look for another source of funding.