Me Sponsor a Race Car?

Me Sponsor a Race Car?
By Don Terrill (c)2005

What would it take for me to sponsor a race car? A lot! You'd have to deliver.

Cash or Product Sponsorship:

The racer would need to directly add ($400 for cash sponsorship or $200 for product sponsorship) in sales for every $100 in sponsorship. Examples of how it could be done:
  • Sell our products directly - This could be by any method - your store, a website, etc.
  • Broker a deal to sell more product - Help us put together a deal with a big buyer, and we'll be friends for life.
  • Online marketing of our products - Do you have a popular racing website where you could post links to our products? Do you have a large mailing list?
  • Offline marketing of our products - I don't see many worthwhile offline marketing methods, but maybe you can think of some. Forget the sticker on the car though, you'll have to be a lot more effective than that.
Trading Sponsorship:

The racer would need to exchange $100 of products, services or promotion for every $100 in products, services or promotion. I guess this is actually just plain trading. Examples of how it could be done:
  • Maintain one of our websites - Do you know how to build websites, add new content or maintain a server?
  • Graphic design for our sites or products - Are you the creative type? An artist? Let's talk.
  • Website promotion - Do you know how to get traffic for websites?
  • Promotional trade - You promote our products, we'll promote yours.
I hope it's now clear; if you don't care about my business, I don't care about your race car. It may seem harsh, but I have a feeling most business owners feel the same way I do.

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If you are interested in doing a deal together, scroll to the bottom of this page and send me an email.